Frequently Asked Questions

Being Certified for us in organic agriculture or gardening simply means that we are audited annually to the Canadian Standard for Organics. We are audited by a third party certifier, in this case Pro Cert. We must adhere to certain rules and regulations that allow us to be used in the growing of organic vegetables. Growers who wish to sell their produce as “organic” and carry the canadian organic logo must also adhere to the standard. They know our product is safe to use because we passed the audits.

Our soils are free of fungicides, insecticides and are not collected from municipal waste or other unknown areas that could be contaminated with chemicals or oil. Our manures are collected from farms which practice certain standards such as unconfined farming techniques and not fed gmo food. Our composted manures are tested for heavy metals, ecoli and other harmful factors.

Our products are available across Southern Ontario. You can check out who sells our products in the Where to buy section of the main page. We list the phone numbers there so you can call ahead to see who has what in stock.

We have included a calculator on the main page for you to use, be sure to fill in the first three questions:

What is it your doing, the unit of measure, and the product you are using. Those must be filled in to do the calculation,

Rectangle or square area -just submit length , width in the unit of measure you selected and depth (in inches or cm only – do not use fractions of feet or meters).

Round area – use that set of calculations and use the same set of rules as above.