About Us

Not just a pretty brand face….

The Pefferlaw brandlines “Delicious Dirt”  and “Deco Stone” has grown to include a variety of products which include a large selection of garden and potting mixes, and aggregates.

Other Products available

We also distribute a selection of brand name products such as Scotts Miracle Gro, Lambert growers mix, and small pack potting soils, Various Peat moss and Mulches

Our Services and Support

As well as providing you with a margin on entry level and premium products, we supply full service, high order fill rate and an amazing selection of landscaping supplies with the convenience of a one stop shop. This web site supports both the retailer and the consumer. We provide retailers with a complete support package of P.O.P information and tools which can be used to assist consumers with all their product needs.

Consumer support and awareness of our product is created through our easy to use web site containing gardening tips and instructional sheets.

Pefferlaw is able to provide custom packaging to private label packagers and can help with the launch and distribution of new products.

From the beginning:

In 1954, we began harvesting premium soil from our bog near Pefferlaw Ontario. Within a year we had begun full production, manually filling each bag of topsoil.

Today Pefferlaw Peat Products Inc. is still independently owned and operated, continuing with the same proud tradition; we put quality soil in every bag.

We manufacture and package on site with state of the art – automated equipment for mixing, packaging and palletizing.

In 2002 we certified our product with OCPP (Now Pro Cert)  for use in certified organic applications, ensuring our products are guaranteed free from municipal waste and  artificial additives.