Soil contamination is becoming an awareness

on 31 August 2015

What's the Dirt on your soil? important reading

The importance of “Certified” safe soil in the GTA and surrounding Areas: The Organic Market is growing,  Urban Gardening is gaining momentum, and soil contamination is becoming an awareness. Pefferlaw Peat has been a leader in addressing the concerns of Soil Contamination with a safe and affordable solution. 

We offer a full line of certified soil product as well as consumer and retail support.

Anyone with concern about growing edibles in their back yard or wanting further information on having their soil tested should read “From the Ground up – Guide for soil testing in urban gardens” which was published by the Toronto Public Health Dept. in Oct 2013 in an attempt to help residents understand the possible health issues with soil contamination and growing edible plants.

The guide generally guides you through a 3 step program to assess the level of concern in residence’s local, how to prepare for testing the soil - The steps range from Low level areas of concern – washing hands and produce after gardening with soap and water to High level areas of concern– building raised beds filled with clean soil and compost.     The guide to can be found on the web site.

All soil in the GTA has or possibly has history prior to neighbourhoods being built up.  Is it original soil or taken from somewhere else?  Finding the records for most people may not be that obvious or easy and testing could be costly.

Yes – The time is right: Toronto’s Board of Health Summary states “Urban gardening is gaining momentum as a way to increase the availability of low cost, nutritious culturally appropriate food, increase physical activity: improve mental health and community cohesion and to reduce carbon footprints”.


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