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by Susan
on 19 May 2017

When it comes to the organic world, things aren’t as cut and dry as some might believe. In fact, it brings up the very question of what actually is organic? “Organic” means related to or derived from living matter and produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial agents. Seems pretty straight forward, but it’s a bit more complicated than you may think! That’s why we believe part of our job is to help inform the public about the organic movement. 


What Is Pro-Cert Certified Organic?

If you purchase organic products on a regular basis, you’ve probably seen Pro-Cert logos on products you’ve bought. Pro-Cert Organic Systems Ltd, also known simply as Pro-Cert, is one of the leading certifiers of organic products on North America. Their main clientele base is compromised of producers, processors, and traders of organic products from across the United States and Canada. 

The Pro-Cert certification program is recognized globally for providing international access to their certified organic brands. In fact, Pro-Cert is one of the most reliable ways that Canadians depend on to recognize authentic organic products due to their extensive certification program. The program is proudly accredited by the USDA National Organic Program (NOP), the CFIA’s Canada Organic Regime (COR), Quebec’s Committee on Accreditation for Evaluation of Quality (CAEQ) and more. They are also ISO 17065 compliant and accredited by globally recognized accreditor, IOAS (previously known as the International Organic Accreditation Service). This means if Pro-Cert says it’s organic, it is truly organic!


What is The Importance of Certifications, Such As Pro-Cert?

A majority of the public doesn’t realize how precise and planned organic agriculture is. In fact, in order to sell a certified organic apple at a store the seeds must be organic, the soil it is grown in must be organic, all processes (including the use of insecticides) must meet organic standards and the farmer has to be able to prove it. A little complicated, right? Well, that’s just an apple, it gets a lot more complicated when you start dealing with processed products, such as organic soil. Why? Because the more ingredients your product has, the more areas you have to monitor to maintain the organic status of your product. 

This is one of the reasons that Pro-Cert is such an important part of the organic movement! They are part of the regulation required to maintain a consistent certified organic standard from one market to another. The truth is unless the produce or product you are purchasing is “certified organic,” it may not be as organic as you think! According to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, a product’s content only has to be at 95% organic to be labeled “organic” or bear the organic logo. This also includes claims of “organically grown”, “organically raised”, “organically produced,” or other similar renderings. If a product does not meet these standards, they replica tag heuer may only declare that their product “contains x% organic ingredients” (with “x” corresponding to the exact percentage of organic content). So if it’s not certified organic, is it really organic? 


At Pefferlaw Peat, we believe in the importance of educating the public about organic products and why the label requirements are vital. This not only helps customers find the right products, it also holds the entire food industry to higher regulation standards. Pro-Cert plays a huge role in the organic industry by ensuring that their certified products meet the high levels of required standards. We encourage all Canadians to do a little of their own research into the manufacturing and labeling of products both in the organic and non-organic industries. For more information about Pefferlaw Peat and Delicious Dirt’s Pro-Cert certified organic products or where to purchase them, please feel free to contact us today!

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