Maintaining your Lawn

This article covers the following lawn maintence topics Lawn Dressing, Overseeding, Aerating, Patch and Repair...

Lawn Dressing (Top Dressing) Your Lawn

Equipment needed

Rake or Lute
Dethatcher, either manual or power.

You will also need one of the following:

Pefferlaw brand Lawn Dresser (Best), or Pefferlaw brand 3-Way Mix.

When:  Fall

Why: Top dressing is an excellent way to revitalize your lawn.  It replaces nutrients and much needed microorganisms naturally. It well help your lawn retain moisture and encourage growth of new shoots.  A denser lawn has less room for weed infestation and discourages disease.

1. Preparation:

a) Check for thatch.  Thatch is an organic layer of roots, grass cuttings and debris that develops over time on the soil surface.  It won’t be a problem until it’s over ½” thick. If you are top dressing you want your top dressing to reach the soil beneath the lawn so if heavy thatch is present, remove it. A power dethatcher can be rented from a rental store or a manual dethatcher can be purchased at most hardware stores.

b) Mow the grass to about 2 inches and rake up debris and loose grass.

c) Fill in any depressions or holes with Pefferlaw brand 3-way or Top Soil.

2.  Apply and spread Pefferlaw Brand Top Dresser.  Use a flat edge like the back of a garden rake or a lute to spread the Top Dresser to about ½” to 1” thick.

Ensure that soil is worked down and does not lie on the surface of the grass.

The lawn is now ready to overseed.

Over Seeding your Lawn

Equipment needed:

Fertilizer or Seed Spreader (unless doing by hand, not recommended for large areas).
Overseed Mix
When:   Fall

Why:  There a several benefits to over seeding your lawn. Overseeding creates a denser lawn, allowing less room for weeds to take root, introduces modern grass seeds which are more tolerant of disease and drought, Revitalizes older lawns with younger shoots.

1. Preparation: Prepare the area by raking to remove dead grass, and/or debris.  Remover weeds by removing the roots.  Mow the lawn to about 2” long

2.  Apply (Pefferlaw Brand 3-way or Lawn Dresser) loosely over area and rake evenly to a depth of ¼” to ½”. 1 - 30L bag covers 24 sq. ft.

3.  Spread the grass seed of choice.  Choose a seed mix that satisfies at least 3 requirements for your lawn.  An example would be sun, drought resistance, and high traffic.

4.  Lightly roll the area so that the seed makes contact with the soil.

5.  Maintain: Water daily for about one week and protect the area from traffic until grass seed is established.  Do not mow your lawn until the new grass has grown to 4” tall.

Aerating your lawn

Equipment needed:

Aerator – available at rental stores.  Choose an aerator that takes plugs out of the lawn and spreads them rather than one which spikes into the lawn and further compresses the soil.

When:   The lawn will benefit if aerating is done soon after or even before topdressing.

Why:     Aerating brakes up soil compaction and allows it access to air and moisture.  It allows penetration of new organic material which feeds beneficial micro organisms.


1.  The lawn should not be overly muddy or overly dry. If you are lucky you will have arranged to rent your aerating machine one full day after a soaking rainfall.  However if not, plan to give the lawn a good soaking the day  before.

2.  Run aerator over lawn.

3.  Leave the plugs on the lawn to break down over time.  If the existing soil is of very bad quality such as clay, then it might be best to rake up and remove the clay plugs after aeration.

Lawn Patch and Repair

Equipment needed:


You will also need:

Pefferlaw brand Lawn dresser, 3 way mix, or Top Soil.

For repairing small brown spots or high traffic areas.

1. Preparation:

Prepare the area by removing dead grass, weeds and/or debris – make sure you remove the roots.

Loosen up the existing soil with a rake or hoe down several inches.

2. Apply (Pefferlaw Brand Lawn Dresser,  3-way orTop Soil) loosely over area and rake evenly to a depth of 1 in. 1 - 30L bag covers 12 sq. ft.

3. Spread the grass seed of choice

Water lightly and frequently, protect area from traffic till grass seed is established.

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