Sodding your Lawn - Tips

Sodding A Lawn...


Equipment needed:

  •     Shovel and hoe for smaller area  Or    Rototiller * – for large areas
  •     Rake
  •     Lawn Roller *
  •     Seed Spreader (if seeding).
  •     Sprinkler or watering system that will enable gentle watering of the area.

   * Available at rental stores

You will also need:

  •    Lawn starter fertilizer
  •    Pefferlaw Brand Soil mixture of your choice:
  •    Lawn Dresser, 3-Way Mix, Black Earth or Top Soil.  You will need 1 30L bag per 12 sq ft. area (spread to 1”)
  •    Sod  - generally one roll = 10 sq feet.


In Ontario, fall or late summer is the best time for seeding lawns. The next best time to plant would be the spring. 

 1. Preparation:

Prepare the soil by removing old lawn, weeds and debris. How you will want to do this will depend on the size of the area.

Small areas:      Use a shovel and hoe – make sure you remove all the roots from the ground or cover the area with a tarp for several weeks, this will kill all vegetation and roots. 

Large areas:      Consider renting a sod cutter to clear area of vegetation. 

Loosen up the existing soil to aerate and kill any germinated seeds.

Small area:       A garden hoe can be used for very small areas.

Large area:        Use a rototiller.

2. Apply Soil:       

Add an amendment to the soil to add long term natural nutrients.  Pefferlaw brand: 3 Way Mix, Organic Compost, Lawn Dresser, Top Soil and Black Earth are all suitable products.  Empty the contents of the bag to depth of 1 inch.

Add a starter fertilizer if you wish to give the seedling a extra boost. Rake out the dirt till it is level. The area is now ready to apply your choice of seed or sod. 

3. Laying Sod:  

Obtain enough sod, generally the rolls are 2’ x 5’ (10 sq ft).  Level out the area with a rake and a roller. Soil should be moist (not soaked). If possible water the day before.  Begin laying along a straight edge if possible and stagger each row so joints are at different locations.

Lay each row tightly against the last row and press into place as you unroll the grass. 

Lawn should be pressed with a lawn roller upon completion to ensure contact with the soil base.  Lawn rollers can be rented. Avoid walking on the lawn until the lawn has been pressed.

Use loose Pefferlaw brand 3-Way Mix to fill in any cracks that may appear over the next few weeks.

Once the lawn is sodded, you should avoid walking on it, for larger areas rope the area off with a string. 

4. Care:

The new lawn should be watered nightly for at least two weeks – till soil is moist to about 1-2” and every second day for the next two weeks, you can ease up on watering as the lawn becomes established and dependent on weather conditions, watering more if the weather is very hot and dry.

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